On February 11, 2015, Port Barre police arrested a 15 year Port Barre High School Special Education student, in possession a firearm and live ammo. Port Barre Police School Resource Officer received a complaint from a student that witnessed the suspect with a firearm. The suspect, a resident of Opelousas, allegedly openly displayed the firearm and ammunition while in a classroom and stated he intended to use the weapon against the school Principal if he were to be called to the Principal’s office and then told another student “Don’t s say anything, I’m watching you”.

Police, along with faculty, immediately made contact with suspect and retrieved what appeared to be a double barreled Derringer pistol and a live .380 caliber ammunition round. The gun was found in the suspect’s boot. Further investigation shows the pistol is actually a “non firing” replica of a 1866 Remington .41 Caliber Derringer commonly known as a “Prop Gun”. The 15 year old was booked as a juvenile on charges of Terrorizing and Carrying a Dangerous Weapon on School property by a Student.

“Even though the pistol is not a real firearm, it is designed to look and feel realistic and can cause just as much fear as a real firearm and the live round of ammunition is very capable of causing serious harm or death  if  discharged. We believe the suspect thought the gun was real and we believe he had intent to attempt to use it. I’m thankful he didn’t make that attempt. Things could have gotten bad real fast. This young man needs to make better decisions in life and I hope he gets some psychological help” said Chief Deon R. Boudreaux.