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Acadiana time for another edition of your lawn and garden. Today we’re talking about mulch or mulch. You have your choice head on over to Chastant Brothers. That was an easy segment. Is there a little bit more to it?

Oh yeah a little bit more. Putting it out first you know. We have several types, actually we have about three or four. The best ones i would say would be your cypress mulch or your cypress bark. This is from the outside of the tree and it lasts longer. You put it down real thick you could have it there probably for several years. It takes longer to break down and all that. That’s why my preferred mulch is the pine needle mulch. It breaks down into your soil within say a year or so. Then you can till it in and it makes your soil so much better. But, a real important factor about this mulch is that you know how you put a lot of it right against the house? Well termites don’t like this. It’s the one they like least. So that’s important because evrybody puts it right against the house and all that. You don’t want to make it easy for termites you know. I love using it everywhere.

So for a better looking flower bed/garden in just a couple of months you need to act right now?

Yeah, and by putting this out or you know a lot of people will come later after they put their new bedding plants out and then you come with this around your plants to keep the moisture there so you don’t have to water as often and also keep your weeds down.

You know not to get too technical John or whatever, it’s pretty easy though?

Yes as long as you go by a guideline and get it done.

Alright, and follow the advice of your lawn and garden at Chastant Brothers

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