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Today on your lawn and garden we’re talking about palm trees if you’re going to plant palm trees or get some, John you better get ready for a special diet. Right right, they need different minor elements.  Like Boron, manganese, magnesium things like that they can use a regular fertilizer. But these are the minor elements they need to keep them dark green and healthy and keep diseases away at the same time. We have, this is a minor element right here in a granular form. You can put it down , works great. And then we also have the liquid that you can put out   and the granulars right are just the fertilizer. It has some minor elements in it but not as much, if they’re in bad shape, you need to put one of these.  They were hit hard this year , these palms. So a lot of people cut them down already, they should have waited just a little longer. Mines just coming out of it now, give it a few more months in the summer, it’s a hot weather plant. They still can perk up and get some more growth. Then if they don’t they are finished.

What is the appeal of palm trees?

It just gives you that nice look, the way they make like an umbrella, draping down, makes you think you’re in Florida. And also if you want a good workout, you need to prune it. That’s true and you have to be careful, some of them have a lot of needles on them that can really hurt you. Like this one right here has some needles this long and they can poke you and really hurt you. So careful pruning with the right tools , you know you want to have a pruner at the end, trying to think of the name of it, a lopper is what they call it to cut this down. Also the professionals have like a diamond cut that they put on them that makes them look real nice , but that’s when you’re having your tress cut.

Alright so if you want to have healthy looking palm trees go check out John at Chastant Brothers.

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