Lawn Fertilizer

Today on your lawn and garden we’re talking about the lawn. You walk outdoors just overnight it seems like weeds are popping up all over the place but John says we can take care of that also prevent it in many ways.

That’s right, I know that the weather is crazy this year but I’d recommend at least, if you can, waiting till mid-March. Usually they recommend April. If it stays warm like this mid-March you’ll be ok for fertilizer. We do have weed and feeds and always ask what kind of lawn does this go on. If you have a bermuda lawn or something a lot of these weed killers will kill it. We know at the feed store which ones you can and cannot use. For the liquids we have the atrazine and the weed zone from fertilome. Great products. You can mix them together if you want a total kill. And then we have the weed and feeds right here, the one right here Weed-Out is a product you can use on all lawns if you don’t know what kind of lawn you have. The St. Augustine weed and feed is for St. Augustine and centipede only. Some people are still developing brown patch right now in their lawn, we have this F-stop product right here to prevent from getting any larger and growing anymore than it is. A lot of people want to clean out different areas well this round up if different than the regular. This one has two products in it. Add this with one gallon of water—spray—its works quicker. Use it in your vegetable garden for your weeds only.

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