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Put down your cup of coffee its time for another edition of your lawn and garden. You don’t want your garden to look all meh so John whats the first thing we do?

Add some nutrients and also aeration type product like this compost because it has pine bark in it, rizols, all kind of different things. Works great, has a great PH 6.2 so thats everything I have in my garden right now. All you have to do is till it up into your existing soil and the root system will grow so rapid through there because its not tight. You don’t want your soil too tight, let it be aerated so the roots can grow real rapid through it. Like i said, this is a great product, we sell it by the yard we just dump it in your pickup truck and put it to work.

Alright and of course that way it will allow the nutrients to do their jobs

Correct, yes, definitely. This nutrient right here this natural balance is a great product its all organic. Has all the meals in it, has microrise which gets all your roots growing faster with this right here. Works great but like i said its all organic. All I do is put a little handful by each plant, tomato plant or whatever that I plant and you’re good for several months with that. You want to put it out two to three times a year so it goes pretty far its almost like a black powder.

Interesting, alright lets talk about fruits and vegetables

Ok right now a lot of the plants that even come to the store you know new vegetables come in with leaf miners and things like that. It’s a little insect that’ll make a white line in the leaf of the vegetable.

How dare they

It’s a little worm that does that so you can’t really see them to well. This product right here you use as a drench. You drench the soil with a sprinkler can just soak it and you’re good for the season. You don’t have to go back and spray anything again.

Alright lets talk about this you were bragging about it before we started taping. What is so special about this square thing?

Well first of all they’re heavy duty, they collapse, get out of your way and it’s just so easy for your tomato plant and all that because you have four prongs on this coming down where a lot of the round ones just have three. So actually when you put this in the ground they almost completely stable unless your plants get this big you may still have to put a tomato stake in there to hold it. Normally I don’t put anything on mine and they hold up.

Alright do we ever see John Chastant without this right there?

No this is my 5-20-20. All the nutrients you need in your garden. What I did was put a fifty pound bag in this garden here while I tilled it all in and then im good im not putting anymore fertilizer this year except nitrogen if i need nitrogen. See this one has low nitrogen but high phosphorus and potash. This is excellent for your root crop or your tomato, things like that.

Alright so if you do not want an ugly garden you need to head on over to Chastant Brothers

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