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Alright Acadiana another edition of Your Lawn and Garden. All these years on tv I never got to use the term “there is a fungus among us” well not among us and according to your garden because of this you don’t have a fungus in their. 

Right I’ve been lucky so far I haven’t had to use anything. But the best way is prevention by spraying before you have a problem because you will get disease okay but this is the organic product your liquid copper that you can spray your tomatoes or your vegetables everything.


And that’ll prevent a lot of things also have this product right here this is a chemical type product that gets rid of different diseases powdery mildew things like that both of them will take care of your early and late blight a late light is a little harder to control but preventive is the best thing spray before you get a product because eventually at the end of the year that’s what kills your plant it’s almost finished up yea it’s full of disease and everything and you don’t have many leaves on it all that so you want to slow it down even if you have any snow it down so you can have produce you take your tomatoes or peppers off the plant you know. 

When we say fungus, there’s a wide variety?

Yes we have moles a different mold is that fungi you know a lot of those things but that usually doesn’t hurt your plant as much as blights that’s very common that we get. A lot of people plant their plants too close together less air circulation you need to have good air circulation in between your plants. Now I’m at fault for that that I only have so much room so they are closer than they should be.

In fact you have I think something planted especially for folks who are growing plants on like a balcony?

Or small apartments and stuff like that we have it in these fifteen gallon pots and right now i have some cucumbers growing in them to grow up a trellis. 

I can grow cucumbers from my balcony?

Yea, they even have bush varieties of cucumbers you can plant  all right so they don’t crawl all over the place.  

Alright so hey if you don’t want any fungus in your garden head on over to Chastant Brothers. For more wood tips and previous episodes log onto click on Lawn and Garden brought to you by Chastant Brothers Incorporated on Pinhook Road in Lafayette.

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