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Hey Acadiana. It’s time for another edition of your Lawn and Garden. John Chastant here with Chastant Brothers. We are talking about weed prevention.

Yes sir. That’s the way to get them.

Okay so even before it becomes a weed they’re gone.

Correct. This product works great in flower beds. Works great in the lawn. And it’ll help you at least seventy to eighty percent with all the weeds seeds that it will kill.

Come on now.

That it roll kill. Now it will kill some weeds when they’re just emerging but besides that it is mostly just the weed seeds. They are all coming up at different times of the year. You know. You put it then now it’ll work for, it can work for about four to six months. But after that you may have some other weeds come up. Great product. Nut grass and all this gets. You know hoe tough nut  grass is to get rid of. This will do a good job. We have one right here. You know for the homeowner, smaller lawns and  stuff like that and it’s calked demension. And again in your flower beds you just throw it out every three to four months it’ll keep most of your weeds down. And that’s why it’s important to also mulch, put some pine needles or something on top will help too. You’re creating the sun not to hit the soil. 

Alright let’s talk about some plant food. 

Well we got that. Osmoscote is always safe to put. Can’t burn with it. It’ll last again maybe three to four months. So if you’re a good program all these products every four months use it again. 

And finally at the end. 

That is your soil drench again for all your plants that you have. Azealeas, camellias. Again you put it out in  sprinkler car. Soak it. Last the rest of the year. 

Simple as that. And again we started off this segment with weed prevention. So it’s avtually possible to go through weed free. 

Very much so. Very close. 

Very close. And that is the closest tnt you’ll ever come.  

That is. 

Alright so if you want to head off to those weeds to the past I would say head on over to to Chastant Brothers. 

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