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Flea Lawn

Today on your lawn and garden we’re talking about something almost as bad as mosquitos, we’re talking about fleas! It could be everywhere if you don’t treat for them, what do you do what do you use that’s safe?

Well you have to put the products out for it to work. At this time of the year its hot and dry and that’s what they like. So if you want a granular product we have this bug blaster, works great—broadcast that throughout the yard, where ever you have it. And then or the liquids, we have here the 38 Plus you can put in a hose and sprayer and spray the whole lawn. And you want to spray often—if you have had fleas say for, a month, it takes a while to get rid of, if you had them for a week, you can get rid of them in a couple of weeks but not after a month they have too many cycles out there re-hatching and hatching. Somebody that has a larger lawn, we have the Telstar right here, works great again hose and sprayer. Whenever I have a problem, I’ll stray twice a week. Then I’ll go down to once a week. Then once every two weeks, until you get rid of them. After that, I will also spray once a month to make sure I don’t have a problem again. Once it gets out of control, we have a problem.

Can eggs be a problem?

Definitely, you have so many cycles, you’re killing the adults, you’re not killing the eggs, their hatching later, you need to catch up with them and that’s why you spray twice a week.

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