The Diocese of Lafayette has unveiled a new and offbeat method for Catholics to confess their sins.

It’s all part of the upcoming “Year of Mercy” declared by Pope Francis.

An ambulance recently donated to the diocese will now serve as a mobile confessional.

Bishop Michael Jarrell said he hopes this will be a way for more Catholics to confess their sins.

“I think many people miss opportunities for the Sacrament of Reconciliation because of busy schedules so here we’re trying to remove that obstacle,” the bishop told KLFY’s Jazmin Thibodeaux.

Bishop Jarrel blessed the mobile confessional in front of students and members of the Diocese.

The Bishop said this is aimed at fulfilling a call from Pope Francis, “The Holy Father asked us to concentrate on the sacrament of reconciliation and that’s the purpose of this spiritual care unit to bring people into deeper communion with Christ.”

Father Michael Champagne said priests ofter hear confessions outside of the church and this is just an easier way to continue their mission, “This way we can have it set up and make it present where people are at gatherings like Downtown Alive perhaps, or tailgating, early tailgating.”

Champagne said this is definitely a first, not only for Acadiana but possibly the country.

Inside the converted ambulance priests will have a supply of holy cards, rosaries, and even holy water.

Stephen Melancon is a sophomore at John Paul The Great Academy. He described it as a confessional on wheels, “To have this so available, it gives us no excuse not to go to confession.”

Father Champagne said the mobile confessional will first roll out on December 8, 2015, for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.f