NEW ORLEANS, La. (WWL-TV) – A number of buildings were damaged or vandalized Wednesday night, as a group of Anti-Trump protesters made its way through downtown streets and the French Quarter.

Burning an effigy, made in the image of Donald Trump, and marching down the streets, hundreds of protesters chanted and shouted, very emotional and upset over President-Elect Donald Trump’s victory.

Windows at the Chase Bank in the Capital One Building on St. Charles Ave were reported smashed around 7 pm.

“He’s not our President and that’s like all I could think of,” said Tulane Freshman Nick Arminio said.

“Like, how could this be happening.”

Vandals spray painted graffiti on The Lee Circle monument, as well as One Shell Square, The Sewerage and Water Board Building, and the Hilton St. Charles.

John Silvey, who works at the Hilton calls this destruction uncalled for.

“The election doesn’t appear rigged. It’s fair. The people spoke. They elected him. And he’s our President-Elect. No matter how distasteful he might be to some of us, this is really not the way to go about it,” Silvey said.

“I am what some people would call a conservative gentleman. A Christian. A devout Roman Catholic. And we cannot give up the United States of America, for Donald Trump,” New Orleans resident Ed Kendrick said.

Around 100 protesters gathered to protest at Lee Circle before heading out on a route that meandered through the Central Business District and the French Quarter.

“As a woman, an immigrant and a person of color, I don’t feel safe having someone like Donald Trump as a leader of this country I live in,” Pratiksha Parulekar said.

Protesters, who reached out to WWL-TV via social media said they were not responsible, and added agitators who attended the protest caused the destruction.

It was one of dozens of demonstrations held around the country protesting the election of Donald Trump as President.

In Seattle, as many as 6,000 people took to the streets.

In Dallas, protesters were downtown, passing the place where police officers were ambushed in July.

Protesters also filled streets in New York, Chicago, Portland, San Francisco and other cities.