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Acadiana it is time for another edition of your lawn and garden with John Chastant here. I love me some citrus fruits unfortunately so do insects.

Definitely I mean later on I haven’t seen any yet big stink bugs will be out there, the aphids are already on them okay and they want to go by the flower and suck the life out of it. You need to take care of that to have some healthy fruit. I have a product right here called Cyonara and that will get rid of your bugs.

That means like goodbye right?

That’s right.

Get out of here!

And it works. Your aphids, beatles, or whatever you have bother the tree this will take care of it. Now any diseases that make you get, which they not too many but some of you have like a moss growing on the trunk of the tree or something like that but we have the liquid copper which is an organic product works well if you spray it down it dries it up and gets rid of it and it’s also not too late right now if you still want to fertilize, okay.


You know it’s still Spring right now so you can fertilize to get them growing good just be careful don’t go too close to the trunk of the tree stay on the outer side of the drip line.

Alright so it’s the insects that cause the disease?

Well they transport disease they’re one of them you can still get it without but they transport most of the diseases from plant to plant.

You gotta watch the insects. 

That’s right.

Alright okay we got a pretty nice-looking citrus tree behind us, what is that?
Well that’s a satsuma and it’s doing good this year flower well it’s full of little marbles right now the size of satsumas. 

So you took some of you own advice and did some of that insecticide and all that.
Definitely, ha ha ha especially with stink bugs what they do is they sting the fruit it makes the yellow spot and it starts rotting it.


And it also doesn’t taste good, you know a stink bug. 

Yea I could about imagine.

Yea so it’s best to spray.

Alright so you got to l guess preventive maintenance if you will? 

True, you know if you don’t see anything on them you really don’t have to worry about them but if look at your tree every day, you’ll see.

Alright so for more advice and to get more expert advice head on over to Chastant Brothers. 

For more tips and previous episodes log on to and click on Lawn and Garden. 

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