Brown Patch


Today in your Lawn & Garden, we’re dealing with that age old problem of Brown Patch, and first of all, what is that John?It’s a disease that affects our lawns, especially St. Augustine and centipede. It doesn’t seem to bother Bermuda, Zoysia as much. But mostly your St Aug. So as prevention, if  you remember last year, these patches showing up, usually in a lower area, where water would stay a little longer. That’s where these patches would start growing. The temperatures it likes growing is from 80 to 60, is what it likes, and then also wet weather. So if its dry we may not have much of a problem this year, just depends. But these products we have if you want to use them as prevention, like I said, if you had it last year it works the best as prevention. I have it in a concentrate, the F-stop, hose in sprayer or a granular, whatever’s easier for you to use. You want to put it in the affected areas mainly where it’s growing out from. Usually in the center, it’s dead and then it will go further. We just had a bout with the sod web worms. They do not kill the roots, they kill the tops, they just eat the top of the grass. My grass is already coming back, my St Augustine. But with brown patch usually it does not come back so that’s why you want to stop it as soon as you can with these fungicides. So what does it look like again, brown patch? It will start off usually as an irregular shaped spot, and then you’ll notice it grow from there. It can grow to 10 feet whatever from there, but you want to stop it before it progresses.

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