LOUISIANA (KLFY) — The Louisiana Department of Education has released results for the 2022-23 Advanced Placement Exam and the data shows a record number of high school seniors earning a 3 or better.

The end of the year Advanced Placement Exam allows high school seniors who earn a three or better on a five-point scale the chance to earn college credit while taking courses in high school.

State Superintendent D. Cade Brumley says he is pleased to see a record number of students succeeding on the challenging exams. The Louisiana Department of Education released results that show a record number of 8,697 high school students earning a three or higher on the end of year AP exams.

With these test scores, students would be allowed the chance to earn college credit for courses they take while still in high school. Dr. Brumley says this is almost a twenty percent increase from pre-pandemic scores and with record numbers like this, it’s an indicator that students are being successful.

“See, this type of success is really important in a state, especially a state that’s been long challenged educationally, and so this is just indicative of a lot of the good work that’s happening. But still, more work has to be done,” said Brumley.

In addition to a record number of students, a record number of over 13,111 exams were passed.

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