NEW IBERIA, LA — A teenager’s life ended by gun violence in New Iberia. Police found 17-year-old Garon Lewis shot dead in a parked car Friday night.

His father, a local leader in Iberia Parish, spoke to us the day after his son died.

“Outgoing, liked sports, liked his academics”, Raymond “Shoe Do” Lewis shares memories left behind by his youngest son.

He calls him, “A lover of life. A great kid.”

Friday night New Iberia Police answered a shooting call at the corner of Audry and Rene Street.

Police say they found Garon Lewis, just 17 years old, dead inside a parked car.

“Justice will be done,” stated Garon’s father.

Raymond Lewis serves as an Iberia Parish School Board member and formerly served as a parish councilman. He says the best way to prevent violence is through building relationships with kids around you, “Educate. Talk to the children. You stop them on the street corners or if they’re under the tree.”

However, Lewis says for whoever killed his youngest son, it’s too late.

“I’m for the death penalty”. Lewis told me. He told me the attorney will have a decision to make, but Lewis says, “As a family, I speak for my family. We want the death penalty.”

So until who killed Garon is behind bars, he has this warning:

“Person or persons who did this read my lips. It’s better for you right now if you turn yourself in and be locked where you will be safe because right now on these streets it’s not good for you. It’s not good for them”.

-Raymond “Shoe Do” Lewis, Father and Iberia Parish School Board member.

Officials are following leads but haven’t made any arrest yet in the investigation.

Raymond Lewis says that he has all the confidence in the world the New Iberia Police Department will make an arrest.