LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — As we put 2021 in the history books and prepare for a new year, we’ve looked back at the stories you read most on KLFY.Com. This is just half of the top ten stories. You can find the other five, including Hurricane Ida and the COVID pandemic, here.

St. Martin Parish teachers sent home for wearing ‘Chucks & Pearls’ T-shirt

On inauguration day, women across the country wore “Chucks & Pearls”, but some teachers in St Martin Parish who wore this T-Shirt were told around lunchtime to cover it, change, or go home. Superintendent of St. Martin Schools, Al Blanchard, released a statement saying, “The Board maintains a policy that prohibits employees from wearing clothing, pins or other items supporting candidates or political messages.” Breaux Bridge High School teacher Joy Trahan did not believe her clothes fell under that category.

“It wasn’t political. It was an empowerment of women. This was a historical moment if anything, not political, and we teach history,” Trahan argued.

Seacor Power disaster: Here’s a full timeline of events

On April 13, the Seacor Power, a lift boat owned by Seacor Marine, capsized less than 10 miles south of Port Fourchon. Six men are rescued the day of the incident, six died, and seven still remain missing to date. The National Weather Service said that a “wake low” weather pattern resulted in 70 to 80 mph winds and very rough seas. Volunteers and family searched the coast for weeks in hope of finding closure.

In August, a Coast Guard Public Hearing revealed multiple mistakes and oversights that may have worsened the tragedy. Over a dozen lawsuits have been filed by widows, orphans, and families which continues to ache.

“So much went wrong. So much went wrong, and how do you right it? All you can do is start with one thing and try to change it. That’s all you can do,” said Scot Daspit whose son was never found after the Seacor Power capsized. “It’s something that we just need to try and keep in our memory. No matter how hard it is.”

Community remembers teen stabbed by 13-year-old suspect inside Walmart

Some tragedies are caused by accidents. Others are intentional. A 13-year-old was charged for the brutal murder of a 15-year-old in Lake Charles. It was Melanie Lyons birthday when four 12 to 14-year-old girls jumped her in Walmart all while live streaming the entire crime online. The 13-year-old showed no remorse in a video shared soon afterward on social media.

Melanie Lyons’ cousin, Whitley Richard mourned, “They didn’t have to do that. It was senseless. It was unnecessary. Like We’ve got to do better.”

Lafayette City Court Judge Michelle Odinet resigns

In Lafayette, City Judge Michelle Odinet resigned following weeks of outcry due to a leaked video taken in her home where the judge can be heard using racial slurs. Politicians, civil rights groups, colleagues, and even the governor called for her resignation prior citing how it harmed public confidence and integrity for the judiciary. Some of the defendants she presided over are asking their cases be reviewed over racial prejudice concerns.

Woman who sprayed hair with Gorilla Glue now selling her own “Bonded for Life” merchandise

And a Louisiana woman captured the attention of millions when she posted this video. Her hairdo was kept together by Gorilla Glue because she ran out of hairspray. After weeks with no success removing it, a Los Angelos doctor made the difference. Tessica Brown then formed her own hair care line.

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