NEW YORK, NY (CBS News) – Marriage proposals are always popular on Valentine’s Day, but it’s not just men getting down on one knee.

Sarah Sica and Ramiro Flores are both teachers. When they first met at a school in 2014 they quickly got a course in chemistry. “We saw each other across the room and we both felt something,” Sarah said.

After dating a few years, Ramiro proposed. Sarah accepted. That’s usually the end of an engagement story. But a year later, Sarah got down on one knee and asked Ramiro to marry her.

“And it was crazy because we were already engaged, but I was so nervous to do it, just thinking about what I’d say to him. I was like is he gonna say yes?” Sarah said. Ramiro added: “It was perfect. I can’t even describe the emotions I felt and still do.” Sarah even surprised him with an engagement ring that matched the one he had given her. “It felt like my way of reaffirming that I wasn’t just passively saying yes to his proposal, that I like truly was committed to him,” she said.

Sarah isn’t alone. Skier Lindsey Vonn made headlines on Christmas when she asked her fiancé to marry her, writing on social media that men should get engagement rings too. A 2018 report from Pinterest found the number of people searching for “women proposing to men ideas” skyrocketed 336% from the year before.

Professional matchmaker Michelle Frankel says the trend is all about gender equality. “If a woman wants something she goes after it in the workplace,” she says, “She wants to live her life with a man, why wouldn’t she choose to go after that and propose?”

For Sarah and Ramiro, it’s an experience they’ll treasure forever. “His eyes were welling up with tears, and I could just see in his face that he knew in that moment how deeply I loved him,” Sarah said. The couple looks forward to many more special moments as they spend the rest of their lives together.