1075 Lafayette Parish students will be going to a new school.

The district rezoned at the end of last year to accommodate two new schools.

Officials says bus route information will be available in two days.

News Ten’s Renee Allen has the details.

Parents you have two options one by way of internet or call in to get the information you need. the supervisor of transportation says don’t wait until the last minute. For the first day to run smoothing you have to dot your eyes and cross your tees.

“We have several routes that we are shifting over.”

Transportation Supervisor Jonathan Watson says routes are being shifted to accomodate the rezoning.

Students from five elementary and one middle school will be transported to one of the two new schools — Billeaud or Baranco elementary.

“Its very important to not wait until the last minute we want to be be able to make sure your child and yourself feel comfortable the first day of school.”

Bus route information can be accessed on the school districts website beginning on August 1.

To the right of the home page click on school bus information.

Follow e-link and enter the requested information.