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With one voice, hundreds rally in Lafayette begging for justice and peace


(KLFY)- Hundreds from Acadiana and surrounding communities came together for a peaceful protest begging for justice and peace.

“We are sick. We are tired. We are sick and tired and being sick and tired.”

“We want you to know that we are human just like you. We want you to know that when we leave our homes, we want to get back there that evening.”

Men and women, adults and children rallied in Lafayette hoping for an end to violence and injustice. 

Protesters voiced their outrage and concern for the future of our community.

“You are not protecting us by not uplifting us. You are not protecting us by not standing up against those who make you look bad when you are not the racist officer.”

Organizers say the message is clear to those who listen.

“We are not standing by any longer. We have a responsibility to each other, our future, to our children. We are not going to be quiet any longer.”

“We are human. We feel, we fear, we eat, we sleep just like you. Law enforcement officers, your life is not more valuable than anyone standing here today.”

“With the power of God and my ancestors, I stand here today, to demand justice.”

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