Vice President Pence campaigns in Baton Rouge for Eddie Rispone

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BATON ROUGE, LA — The Vice President returned to the Bayou State Monday to campaign for Republican candidate for governor.

Eddie Rispone invited Vice President Pence to headline a private fundraiser.

As Vice President Pence descended Air Force Two with candidate for governor Eddie Rispone, he introduced him as the state’s next governor.

“Louisiana is important to the vice president. Important to the president of the United States,” Rispone told News 10.

Side by side at the Baton Rouge Airport, Vice President Mike Pence and Republican candidate for Governor, Eddie Rispone, greeted a cheering crowd of donors, friends, and family.

“Y’all know your next governor Eddie Rispone?” Pence asked the crowd that responded with a resounding, “Yeah!”

The vice president’s second trip to the Louisiana this month wasn’t for a rally like in Kenner a week before the general election.

This time around he shook hands, took pictures, and even made an unannounced stop at a local restaurant, the Dearman’s Drug Diner where he talked with voters.

“Eddie, let’s go over here and say hi to these people,” Pence said as he navigated behind the counter, beside booths, and in every corner of the diner.

The vice president also spoke at an Eddie Rispone for governor reception. The fundraiser was more of a private event than a public event, attended almost entirely by donors.

Meanwhile, at the Baton Rouge Press Club, Governor John Bel Edwards criticized Rispone for skipping public events and dodging policy questions.

“I’ve been asked this question a number of times. I don’t have a clue where Mr. Rispone is,” Governor Edwards told the group after asking, “Where’s Eddie. “The people of Louisiana deserve to hear his answers on questions like this, but you’re not gonna get it and just like he’s here today, he probably runs from you whenever you approach him too.”

“I think that’s all just political talk. That’s all that is,” Rispone told reporters who asked about the governor’s criticism”. “I’ve been everywhere, meet and greets all over the state, so it’s not a big deal.”

Rispone also said Pence’s visit isn’t the last for the White House before the runoff.

“Trump’s gonna be coming. He said he’s coming, so I’m sure he’ll pick a day and be here, get everybody fired up”.

Baton Rouge was just Vice President Pence’s first stop for the evening. He had another event in Killeen, Texas to attend.

When asked about the polls, Rispone said his numbers look good. “It will all come down to turnout,” he said. The latest Nexstar poll tells the same story. Read more about it here.

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