The Latest: Canal Street shooting witness says she was shielded from gunfire by total stranger

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A teen who witnessed the shooting on Canal Street was shielded from gunfire by a complete stranger.

Jonah Gilmore reports how she says, she’s thankful for a such an amazing act of kindness.

“As I’m running, I was pulled by this man and he like threw himself up against me on the wall.”

Trinity Broussard says, a violent night in New Orleans ended with her being thankful to tell this story.

“He put his arms above me, you know, he began to shield me. He was like, everything is okay just constantly reassuring me that he got me and I’m good.”

Sunday morning, nearly a dozen people were shot near the corner of Canal and Bourbon Streets.

This video shows a man pulling out a gun and firing into a crowd.

“I was in shock, I was like what if he get shot, what is he doing, I don’t know this man. But I’m thankful you know because he’s protecting me.”

Broussard says, in that moment she didn’t know why the man chose to protect her but believes there’s a good explanation.

“I feel like everything happens for a reason and I feel like at the moment and time, he was there to protect me. He was my guardian angel.”

After the chaos, Broussard took to twitter, expressing her gratitute for the stranger. Since tweeting, the post has been liked and shared more than 1-hundred-thousand times.

She says, she hopes to find the man who risked his life to protect hers.

“I do want to find him because I want to thank him, you know, to show him appreciation.”

While the man remains a mystery for now, Broussard says, her message to him is simple.

“I would say thank you so much. I want to give him a hug. He risked his life for me, he don’t know me, I don’t know him.

There’s not too many people like that still left in the world, he’s a good person.

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