The former head of Lafayette NAACP issues statement on allegation of sexual harassment against interim police chief

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LAFAYETTE, LA (KLFY) The former head of Lafayette NAACP and community activist Marja Broussard issued a statement, following the announcement of Lafayette Interim Police Chief Wayne Griffin being placed on administrative leave:

“I’d like to commend the woman who came forth with her sexual harassment complaint against police chief Wayne Griffin. We know decisions like this are difficult, but she is proving herself to be an example to others in our community. No one should be subjected to unwanted sexual advances in the

It took a lot of courage to come forth, putting her job and reputation on the line. We pray that she and her family will continue to rise up during this difficult but empowering time. The Josh Guillory administration has attacked female, black and marginalized people throughout this year and a half that he has been mayor.

Tuesday evening, the Guillory regime denied knowledge of wrongdoing on the part of newly appointed chief Wayne Griffin. Another lie! A complaint was initially filed on Monday, which is why I was able to boldly confront Mayor Guillory about the sexual harassment allegations during Tuesday’s council meeting.

Denial is always a tactic of entities who do not wish to be transparent, but it is imperative for law enforcement agencies in the United States, Louisiana, and Lafayette, to promote transparency and trust with the community they supposedly protect and serve. For Chief Griffin and Josh Guillory to deny the allegations, the allegations referenced during the council meeting…well, obviously honesty and trust are not their concern.

We celebrate the brave steps taken by this, as yet, un-named woman and condemn the cowardly actions of this administration. Mayor Guillory, why fire, with impunity, an honest, upstanding chief like Thomas Glover? Is this a continuation of your attack upon the Black and Brown communities as you align yourself with people who only tell you what you want to hear? As I expressed at the city council meeting, this is the last straw! We will not allow you to tear down our community while we remain silent. You and your cronies will be called out every time you terrorize our people while basking in white privilege. We will fight for our children and our elderly so they do not have to live in a community that is seen through the dystopian lens of the likes of Mayor Josh Guillory.


Marja Broussard

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