Studying with a purpose: What college courses are more profitable for future plans?

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Its back to school and that means deciding what classroom courses will prove to be more profitable for future plans.  Is it science, history or the arts?

Jill on money opens the book so you can study with a purpose.

As millions of college students return to school, they will be confronted with the dizzying prospect of selecting classes. So what are the most important ones to foster success in their future careers?
Many seasoned professionals recommend those that focus on reading, writing and thinking critically. Introduction to Psychology is another good choice, because executives note that it’s essential to have insight and empathy for others, whether they’re customers or colleagues.

Many also suggest public speaking or even better, improvisation, which can help you think on your feet.

Regardless of industry, a basic understanding of accounting helps with both the professional and personal; and others chimed in with statistics, economics and coding.

To learn more about how to make the college experience pay big dividends, go to Jill-on-Money-dot-com. In New York, I’m Jill Schlesinger.

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