St. Landry Parish protests racial injustice and police brutality


OPELOUSAS, La. – (KLFY) A local rally of people and police called for an end to racial violence in light of George Floyd’s death at the hands of an officer.

People poured out into the street to support the movements that are going on across America to end police brutality and bring equality to all.

As young men and women sang hymns, outside St. Landry Parish Courthouse, you were reminded for every somber moment, there was also righteous anger.

“We must stop this killing that is taking place in our United States by police officers who are trained to protect and to serve. Enough is enough,” shouted Rev. Frank Ford, an organizer and speaker at the rally.

Preachers, teachers, poets, politicians, and police all took the microphone to converse on racism, unity, and police brutality.

Opelousas Police Chief Martin McLendon expressed, “We are saying to police officers not only across America but also to those officers over there, don’t put your knee on my neck.”

While the death of George Floyd was an inciting incident, some people in the crowd said local police needs a change too.

Wilfred Young, a protestor in the crowd, held a sign that said “FIRE ANDREPONT”. Andrepont is a Sergeant in the Opelousas Police Department who turned himself in for five malfeasance charges days ago for battery against a black man.

“Now is the time to take action for what he has done,” urged Young. “This is uncalled for, and now is the time. We won’t tolerate that kind of behavior anymore.”

“We aren’t going after the good police officers. We’re going after the bad police officers,” explained District 40 Louisiana State Representative Dustin Miller. He reminded everyone change must start at the local level.

All kinds of people joined the movement in the crowds asking with their signs for liberty and justice for all, hoping that they won’t have to wait for another generation to see the change they desire.

“Can we do better? We must do better!”, pleaded Ford. “We want you to do better. We want America to do better.”

The message they want to spread that we are more similar than we are different and that we should all be treated equally.

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