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St. Landry family offering $20K to solve a father’s murder that happened in front of his son

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ST. LANDRY PARISH, La. -(KLFY) A family from Morrow is offering a $20K reward to whoever can solve the January murder of a loved one.

Terrell Ford II died at the Yambilee grounds in Opelousas when a gunman opened fire at cars during a late-night concert. Since then no witnesses have come forward willing to testify.

Ford was 28-years-old when he breathed his last. His family spoke to News 10 five months to the day since his death. They are doing everything they can to find answers.

“I know it’s good people out there, and they’re going to tell what happened,” insisted Ford’s mother, Darlene St. Romain.

Months after Terrell Ford II was shot and killed in his own car, no arrests have been made. The St. Landry Sheriff’s Office and a private investigator are looking for answers, but Romain and her family are hopeful a $20K reward will convince someone to talk.

“The money, I don’t care. If they come forward, take it. It’s not mine to begin with,” explained Romain.

People from Bunkie (where Ford lived), to St. Landry Parish, and beyond have pulled the reward money together for Ford who was always ready to help them. His family is asking whoever has the answers come forward to help give everyone closure.

“That’s the only thing that matters is that my child is resting in peace once we get to the bottom of this here, and the persons that did this to him are put in prison and put there for a very long time,” shouted Romain insisting death is too good for whoever killed Ford II.

His father, Terrell Ford Sr., added “I wouldn’t want no child, no parent to see their child die because it’s hard. It might be somedays you laugh, and talk, and be like this, but other times it feels like the whole world is against you.”

While Ford Sr. Wasn’t nearby during his son’s last moment. Someone was in the car with him. Terrell Ford III survived in the back seat. The young boy’s mother, Trikelsa Patterson, said the two inseparable until that night.

“He never wanted to come home. Like once he got with Terrell, it was a wrap. It wasn’t no coming home for him,” she remembered.

The entire family said whoever killed T3’s father shot blinding and doesn’t value anyone’s life.

“If it was me. If I knew something, something of this nature that happened to somebody else’s child or family or father or brother or sister,  I would come forward,” pleaded Romain. “They must get these people off the street before they do it to someone else because I promise you if they get away with this here, I bet my life they will do it again.”

If you do know something or witnessed this shooting, you can report it to Crimestoppers at 948-tips or at

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