Security cameras show exact moment puppy stolen from a driveway in Opelousas

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Surveillance video from a home in Opelousas caught someone allegedly stealing a puppy from the driveway.

The puppy was returned to its owners. News Ten spoke with animal control about how you can keep your pets safe.

A vehicle stops on the highway, someone gets out and walks up to two puppies. One puppy runs away, the person is seen snatching the other one. The vehicle drives away… with the dog.

Director of St. Landry Parish Animal Control, Stacey Alleman McKnight, says:

“What was very alarming was it looks like the people might have possibly known the people. It doesn’t look like the vehicle passed, just looks like the vehicle slowed down and lured the puppy to them. That’s very disturbing. That almost tells me somebody might’ve known the location of the puppies…maybe it was somebody that even knew. Of course I’m speculating on some of this, but it is very concerning that puppies were so easily taken from their own yard.”

The power of social media and home surveillance video helped in getting the puppy back home. 

“It’s just the average puppy that’s missing it does bring a lot of concern to the table now. Is there something going on that we don’t know. That’s why it’s so good to keep your puppy in a fenced yard,” explained McKnight. “Get your pet micro chipped rabies tag present ID collar on.”

McKnight says micro-chipping your pet can save its life if lost or stolen.

“What I really don’t understand is why go steal a pet from somebody. It’s just unfortunate that someone went that route when every shelter is drowning in unwanted pets,” added McKnight.

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