LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – The intersection at Girard Park Drive and Hospital Drive can get busy.

Making a left turn from Hospital Drive onto Girard Park can be tricky.

“If you’re not a real good driver, if you’re not quick, yeah it can be a pain,” said Ronald Roy of Lafayette.

And dangerous.

“A lot of crashes out there. I know people who live out there and they said they’re constantly hearing cars crashing into each other,” said Ashley Moran, a planner with the Acadiana Planning Commission.

That’s why a roundabout is going to be built at Girard Park Drive and Hospital Drive.

Moran said the project has been in the works for about 15 years.

She said the project went out for bid last week.

“People were calling their councilmen and saying we feel like this is an area of safety concern and we pulled the numbers. This location had an outsized number of crashes compared to other intersections in Lafayette,” she said.

The Acadiana Planning Commission said the proposed roundabout should make things a lot safer in the area.

The roundabout will cost about $1.5 million.

The Metropolitan Planning Organization is putting in one million dollars and the Department of Transportation and Development is funding $500,000 through its local road safety program.

“I think that will work out good as long as everybody follows it, right,” said Lance Richard of Church Point.

“It’s done wonders in Scott so I don’t see why not.”

Moran said drivers won’t be able to use Girard Park Drive while the roundabout is under construction.

The Acadiana Planning Commission said work on the roundabout will begin this fall.

It should take about six months to complete.