Ridesharing coming to small towns around Acadiana

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Governor John Bel Edwards recently signed a bill allowing every parish in the state to have access to ridesharing services.

Residents in smaller cities can now take advantage of that, and those in Acadia Parish are excited about the opportunity.

Amy Thibodeaux, President and CEO of Acadia Parish Chamber of Commerce said, “It’s really exciting because before, if you didn’t have a friend or a car, you probably didn’t have a ride, so this new opportunity through Uber and Lyft and other ridesharing programs are really going to open up the markets and allow people access to things that they may not of had access to things before.”

Governor Edwards signed State Representative Tanner Magee’s measure to craft statewide regulations for hailing businesses such as Uber and Lyft.    

Executive Director for the Grand Opera House, Kimberly Gattle, added, “It’ll just give everyone an opportunity to come out, to be safe, to have experiences with the Opera House with Crowley, the whole downtown area, and the City of Crowley, and other areas as well, and I think it will bring revenue into our area.”

This new legislation will now allow ride sharing services to operate across the State of Louisiana.

“Prior, the rides could only originate in metros, and they were taking them on municipality by municipality basis. So each government had to approve whether the ridesharing program could be in that community or not,” said Thibodeaux.

One resident who lives in Crowley says ridesharing will be useful for the city.

Laura Loewer said, “I think it’s really useful like in big cities like in New Orleans so it could be probably useful here.”

News Ten asked, “And would that be something that you would use?”
Loewer responded, “Definitely.”

Gattle explained, “It gives so many people the opportunity that we have it right here in Crowley at our fingertips, and we’ll be able to use it again and again to give everyone experiences and to get people to where they need to be safely.”

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