LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – The Drag Queen Story Time controversy seems like it’s not ending anytime soon.    
Now there’s a petition circulating against the event, asking the Lafayette City-Parish Council to take a position on the controversy.

Inside this petition, local organization, ‘Citizens For A New Louisiana,’ says its against the use of taxpayer funds to promote what they call “sexual deviancy” to three-year-olds. 
“I’m eager to hear your position, and to know what actions you plan to take,” said Michael Lunsford, Executive Director of Citizens for a New Louisiana. 

You may recognize the organization from their Facebook page, ‘Lafayette Citizens Against Taxes.’

“They (library) spent taxpayer money on this. Why are they promoting this? Why is this an official library event? Why would the library do something this divisive?” said Lunsford.

He says the petition is to get the City-Parish council to weigh in on the controversial event set for October, that’s being put on by the Lafayette Public Library and the Delta Lambda Phi social fraternity at UL Lafayette.

“My understanding is the (Library) board is in 100% agreement, that spending taxpayer money to promote this is just fine. So, okay, we know where the board stands, we don’t know where the council stands, let’s find out,” said Lunsford.

“We’ve been tracking the e-mails, we’ve been recording telephone calls, just trying to keep track of it, listening to both sides,” said Teresa Elberson, Director of the Lafayette Public Library System

She says that this event is just one of the many story time programs they’re offering this Fall, and is not costing taxpayers a lot.

“I can’t say 0 because there’s always a cost, but the biggest cost to all this has been the time it’s taken to answer questions,” said Elberson.

She tells News 10 they publish their library news letter 5 times a year, as part of their programming and printing budget.

“It wasn’t like a 3 page write-up spread, it was just part of the regular programming thing,” Elberson stated.

However, Lunsford doesn’t believe it’s right to promote Drag Queen Story Time, as an official Lafayette government event.

“This is something of a Pandora’s box. Once it’s opened, it’s going to be pretty difficult to stuff everything back in, because now you’ve got a scenario where it either happens or it doesn’t, there’s no in between,” he said.

Lunsford says that the petition will be presented to the Lafayette City-Parish Council Clerk in the coming days or weeks.

News 10 reached out to a council-member Monday night, and they told us that nothing is being discussed on the event at this time.