Some Henderson residents have contacted their local government about what they say are noisy, smelly and loose chickens that have been roaming their neighborhoods all hours of the day and night.

Mayor Sherbin Collette says he has received numerous calls from residents across the city complaining about the chickens who make loud noises in the morning and then leave their poop and feathers on front porches and in some yards throughout the day. 

Collette says he believes the rise in free roaming chickens is the result of chicken coops that have been left unlocked. 

“We’re not against people raising chickens, but they must see to it that the chickens are contained and their coops are clean and secure.” 

He says he attends to go before the city council for a vote on amending the nuisance ordinance to include imposing a fine on homeowners who’s chickens run loose. 

“It won’t be much, but we have got to find a way to get this under control.” 

In the meantime, Collette says all free roaming chickens will be caught and placed in a coop at the St. Martin Parish Humane Society until claimed.  

Laws regarding keeping poultry are determined by each state or jurisdiction.