New Iberia Police Chief says re-established department work has just begun

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The New Iberia Police Department has had jurisdiction over the city since July 1st. The force was re-established after a safety tax passed in October. 

It had been 14 years since the City of New Iberia, had seen their own police department patrolling the streets.

“The reception we’ve heard back from the community has been to some extent overwhelming. You know the support we are receiving, our offices are feeling it every day,” says Police Chief Todd D’albor. His force of over 70 department members has had a busy first month.  

“Are people passed a tax to do this, that says a lot. The people are willing to come out of the pockets in a bad economy and pass the terrible word ‘tax’ to bring back this police department. I think there’s a lot to that. The community was ready”, says Mayor Freddie DeCourt. 

The city is no stranger to crime, 9 homicides have happened just this year. The new department says they are focusing on connecting with the residents who live in the high crime areas. 

D’albor says, “Community policing philosophy works, it’s engaging our community but the biggest thing about community policing is that you have to have trust. And we’re building that.” 

“Of course there will be adjustments, we had a few bumps in the road but we’ve dealt with them. We’ve dealt with them openly. It’s all part of the community policing if you’re going to be someone or an agency that is trustworthy. You have to be transparent and you have to operate on that every day, 24/7,” says the mayor. 

Both the mayor and chief say there’s excitement in the city about the department. They they said their work has just begun.  

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