New Iberia City Council investigates where city’s recycling service is taking recyclables

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The New Iberia City Council is questioning if the recycling service the city pays for is bringing the residents’ recyclables where they need to go.

“We know [people] are not recycling like they used to be because the numbers are down, but I want to make sure the ones that are recycling are being put in the right location,” New Iberia Mayor Pro Tem Dan Doerle said.

When residents grew concerned that their recyclables were not actually being recycled, Doerle went to the city’s garbage and recycling company, Republic Services, for answers.

“I asked about the recyclables and if it’s being picked up and how much is being picked up,” Doerle said.

Doerle says he’s been asking for the reports for months, but Republic Services has not provided those numbers.

“We pay $1.6 million a year to recycle in the city of New Iberia, and we pay about the same to pick up trash,” Doerle added.

Doerle says because recycling service is expensive for the city, he wants to make sure the money is being spent correctly.

“Paying $1.6 million, we got to make sure we spend our money wisely, and if it’s not being put in the right place, maybe we should look into it and see what else can be done,” Doerle said.

Doerle’s biggest concern is that the company is taking New Iberia’s recyclables to a landfill for trash instead of recyclables.

“We, the tax payers, got to question sometimes to make sure we are getting what we are paying for,” Doerle added.

The New Iberia City Council expects Republic Services to present the recycling reports at the next city council meeting.

Republic Services said they are working to gather the information to compile the reports.

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