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The Lafayette Parish School System requires that teachers provide additional teaching and re-assessment to help a student with failing grades.

There are also programs to help students in challenging living situations that could lead to failing grades.

LPSS Director of Federal Programs Latikka Magee oversees federal programs for the district.  “There is really a focus on making sure that students are provided a well rounded education.”

Magee says a child’s personal life has a definite impact on schooling. “When we miss breakfast or what have you; we’re not our very best selves. We may be a little more forgetful and not as friendly as we could be. Think about a child who is faced with that situation and trying to retain information  and also learn new information.”

Nicholas Thomas says he’s the point of contact for the LPSS Foster Care Program. Thomas says the foster care process is relatively new under the re-authorization of the elementary and secondary education act. “Whether they are in foster care for three months, three days or three years my job is to make sure that they have everything they need educationally,” Thomas says.

Thomas says the end result is that a student in foster care deserves to have the same playing field and sense of stability as any other student. “They may have been through many changes in placement; if possible we keep them in their school of origin,” Thomas adds.

Homeless education is also under Federal Programs at LPSS. “Usually families who are in a homeless situation struggle with getting the documentation needed like birth certificates and shot records,” Homeless Program Manager Dr. Amy Fontenot explains.

Dr. Fontenot says homeless education is there to give students educational tools and support — in a way they’re not stigmatized by other students. “We’ve been averaging about 1,100 students per school year. I feel there are more than that we are not even aware of .”

To learn more about any of these programs or additional teaching time, contact LPSS Central Office and ask for federal programs or re-engagement support.

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