LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office (LPSO) has water rescue teams ready to deploy at a moment’s notice as part of its Hurricane Nicholas response plan.

Sheriff Mark Garber showed News 10 his office has everything needed for water rescue. “Board, kayak, floatation devices, rescue throw rope”, Garber listed.

He came into office in the midst 2016 floods. Although he’s seen the worst, he’s not complacent.

“I think the worst keeps getting redefined, and it is our job to prepare for it and to protect and serve the public,” Garber explained.

31 highly-trained search and rescue technicians are ready to deploy with ground, water, and air support. 2 boats, 2 tactical vehicles, and 2 Humvees are highly capable. One is even able to drive through water six feet deep.

Deputies are ready to take the risk. “Part of the job. That’s what we sign up for,” Garber stated. But his office warns drivers against trying to cross flooded roads and putting themselves in harm’s way.

“We all have places to go, right. We all have to be out and about for various reasons but plan ahead. Preparation is the key.
What we’re doing at the sheriff’s office is preparing for what’s coming,” Garber concluded.

Sheriff Garber said similar equipment is used by fire and police departments across Lafayette parish. LPSO is ready to assist the citizens of Lafayette Parish and travel even further if flooding occurs.