LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)-  A former Lafayette police officer and his wife involved in a physical altercation inside a Lafayette bar on New Years Eve were arrested today.

According to Lafayette Police, warrants were issued for former LPD captain Dwayne Prejean and his wife Allyson Prejean, who is a local attorney.

Dwayne Prejean was booked on one count of domestic abuse battery charge. His bond was set at $2500.

Allyson Prejean was charged with one count of aggravated battery with a dangerous weapon. Her bond was set at $500.

“Once again our community is faced with the tragic effects of domestic violence,” the department said in a statement. “We are again reminded that domestic violence crosses all socioeconomic, age, religious, sex, and education boundaries.  We at the Lafayette Police Department take no pleasure in today’s arrests, but the public can be assured that domestic violence has no place in our community and will not be tolerated within our department.”

Last Friday, the police department announced Prejean’s retirement from the force.  The announcement came just days after the agency confirmed that it was conducting an internal criminal investigation into a domestic incident.

A week ago, surveillance footage of a man and a woman arguing inside a crowded bar surfaced on YouTube. During the dispute, the man is seen hitting the woman over the head with a cell phone. Before storming out of the bar, the woman throws wine and pushes the glass into his face.