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LCG Parish and City Council transition teams meet

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The LCG Transition Committee met for a second meeting Wednesday.

In January, Lafayette Consolidated Government will move from a single city-parish council to a two body council; one for the parish and one for the city.

The top ten charter amendments were clarified at the transition meeting.

City-parish attorney Paul Escott went through which council is responsible for what.

“The second establishes the city council is the governing authority and legislative branch for the city; and the parish is the governing authority and legislative branch for the parish,” Escott said.

Therefore, since Lafayette police and fire are city designated, both agencies will be the responsibility of the city council.

“Just like the Lafayette City Police Department the Lafayette Fire Department needed that clarity that the city council is the governing authority,” Escott added.

Escott explained to the transition team that only two circumstances in the charter actually mandate a physical joint meeting.

He said if there’s a shared function between the city and parish and they want to pass an ordinance, they don’t have to meet to pass it.

“They can pass an ordinance and introduce an ordinance one night for the city council. The parish can do the same on their night and they can process that through their own and final adopt those ordinances,” Escott noted.

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