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LCG dealing with $28 million budget shortfall


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) Lafayette Consolidated Government is trying to figure out how to make its budget for the next fiscal year, starting November 1st.

Current projections have the city at a $28 million deficit, due to a carry over deficit from the previous administration, and low tax revenues due to the economic shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

News 10’s Mark Rigsby talked to Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory about the budget.

“We’re in a dire situation, but it’s not a situation we can’t get through. We need to get our spending under control. That’s what you’re seeing right now.”

The 28 million dollar question for Lafayette Consolidated Government.

Where will that money come from to make up a big budget shortfall for next year?

“That relief could come several different ways. Increased tax revenue, maybe state funding, federal funding. All of those are possibilities.”

Guillory says 18 million dollars was inherited from the previous administration — 10 million is due to low tax collections from the economic shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have to find ways to be more efficient. That means do more with less. Our businesses have to do it. Military has to do it. Local government should do it as well.”

The city recently began trimming the budget by laying off 101 city employees.

At Wednesday’s town hall meeting, there were serious concerns and pleas from some in the audience about cutting funding for a summer camp for children with disabilities, cutting funding for the Heymann Center, and the Science Center, and continuing to fund city golf courses while city workers have been laid off.

Guillory says he’s working with parks and rec to see how they can keep those programs running.

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