Lafayette parents express concern over homework policies

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A town hall meeting was held tonight at Lafayette High School.  

The public was invited to ask questions and voice their concerns about new elements in the Lafayette Parish School Board’s recently adopted Pupil Progression Plan.  

One issue was homework and whether or not it would be graded.      

Superintendent Donald Aguillard wants to make it clear that LPSS teachers will be assigning homework. It simply will not be graded.  

Superintendent Aguillard says, “The homework will be assessed by the classroom teacher in a number of ways and will be used to reteach if skills haven’t been learned.” 

Kathy Aloisio, Director of Elementary Schools for LPSS, says if a student doesn’t do their homework, she’ll give more attention to see whether or not they understand it.  

“I’ll target some of those kids that didn’t do their homework to see if they mastered the standard, and if not, we know we need to pull them in and help them and give them more support,” Aloisio says. 

Superintendent Aguillard says there will be consequences if academic dishonesty occurs. 

“The board adopted a policy that if you are caught cheating, you will be disciplined as a disciplinary matter and you will subsequently be retested to measure your understanding of the skills,” explains Superintendent Aguillard. 

Teachers can decide whether or not to move forward with instruction based on a student understanding their assignment. 

Aloisio adds, “This gives the teacher the opportunity to gage her instruction .. that’s what it’s for.. to help her decide do I need to move, is it time to move on, or do I need to go back and go over a skill again.” 

“It’s always been to measure practice… measure skills that students have at that moment in time,” says Superintendent Aguillard. 

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