Lafayette Councilman Kevin Naquin ‘re-election’ signs sparking some debate

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The message is as clear as day. The campaign sign for Lafayette Councilman Kevin Naquin says re-election.

The complaint is he’s running for a seat on the new council, being the seat is new there are no incumbents so there’s no one to re-elect to a seat that never existed.

“If i am violating something, I definitely something have no problem with changing the sticker from please re-elect to elect.”

Naquin says it seems to be more semantics than anything.

He says he’s been on the council for eight years — representing District One.

Naquin says he’s the only councilman left on the parish side not term limited and he’s running to serve the same area — only it’s renamed District two instead of District One under the new mapping structure.

“I am currently on the council. I am seeking re-election therefore I didnt think nothing of it. Im seeking re-election for District Two instead of District One.”

Naquin says he’s going to reach out to the proper authorities to see if he’s in violation of anything campaign wise, or overstepping a question of ethics.

If he’s told the wording on his campaign sign is a problem, then he says he’s prepared to do what’s right.

“It is a new council so to speak there are no incumbents terminology wise its no big deal were going to go ahead and look at it and ask for more help and more guidance. At the end of the day if it needs to be changed my campaign and I are going to do the right thing we want to do the right thing.”

We reached out to the Parish Registrar of Voters Office Charlene Meaux, who said to her knowledge there’s no problem.

The Secretary of State’s Office says that’s a question for ethics.

Meanwhile on the agenda tonight is a resolution to support calling the need to dredge the Vermilion River a matter or urgency.

Plus, the public is being invited to comment on the budget that’s being finalized for the new fiscal year.

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