KAPLAN, La. (KLFY) – Thursday marked the 1 year anniversary of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.
Since that tragedy, schools across the country have looked for ways to keep their students safe.
The principal at Kaplan High School, with the help of the Vermilion Parish School Board is doing just that.
The new security has provided an extra sense of comfort to the entire community. As teachers have to use their fobs to enter inside the building, while any visitors who come to the door, have to be buzzed in, in order to get inside Kaplan High.
“Safety and security is the number one goal, day in and day out at Kaplan High School,” said Dr. Janet Guerrini, Principal at the school.
She and Assistant Principal Patricia Thibodeaux are the ‘pilots’ per say for Vermilion Parish Schools, to see how new security technology will work.
“I began looking into possible solutions into how to secure our school (over summer). Talked to the superintendent, spoke with the maintenance supervisor, got with some board members, and we contacted ‘Sound and Communication,'” said Guerrini.
The new system secures all front and back entry points in to the school, protecting the 483 students.
And making visitors outside having to hit a buzzer before entering.
“The camera will turn on, and a picture of the person who’s standing outside will come through the little phone system right here. I pick it up and I release the door, and tell them that they may enter,” said Guerrini.
11th grader Tyron Roy says with the school administrators knowing who’s coming in and out the building, it provides a sense of comfort..
“No one can come in without them (school officials) knowing, so I feel secure,” he said.
The School Board will see how effective the security features work at Kaplan High, then possibly bring them on to other campuses.
“People could access it (the school) any time during the day without our knowledge (before). So the security is taking place and we have it now,” said Guerrini.
Superintendent Puyau told News 10 he’s hopeful all schools in Vermilion Parish, will soon have the same security technology Kaplan High has in the future.
The Rotary Club of Abbeville is hosting it’s annual ‘St. Pat’s Comedy for a Cause’ in March.
The proceeds will go towards adding more security systems at schools throughout the parish.
For more info on the event, click this link.