(KLFY)- The St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Department is investigating certain actions taken by a homeowner against a suspect during a home burglary.

Sheriff Bobby Guidroz says, “We received a call from neighbors about a house being burglarized and that shots were fired.”

It happened just outside the town of Washington, where Sheriff Guidroz says there has been a string of burglarized homes.

“We did arrest a burglary suspect with a lengthy criminal history,” Sheriff Guidroz adds.

He says the investigation is ongoing due to shots fired from the homeowner at the suspect.

The suspect was not hit.

Sheriff Guidroz explains, “The homeowner took action. We are investigating the actions taken.”

Homeowners have the right to protect themselves and their property, Sheriff Guidroz says, however he adds you must be able to prove an imminent threat.

“I don’t want people to think they can’t protect themselves, but you have to feel your life or family member’s life is in danger,” continues Sheriff Guidroz.

Sheriff Guidroz explains once a suspect is fleeing or their back is turned, there is no probable cause for a weapon’s discharge.

“Once the threat has diminished, law enforcement or homeowners do not have to right by law to take or use deadly fire,” Sheriff Guidroz explains.