Former player reacts to passing of Ragin Cajun Baseball coach Tony Robichaux

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It was pretty quiet at Russo Park Wednesday other than loved ones of Coach Robichaux and the baseball program creating a makeshift memorial at the gates.

A natural sadness was in the air following the passing of the beloved coach robe.

Since ’95 he led the Ragin Cajun baseball team and according to one of his former players, Coach “Robe” believed in him when no one else did, and while winning was important, it took a backseat to molding boys into men.

“He prioritized turning the boys into productive members of society more than any other thing in baseball. Of course, competitively he wanted to win. He wanted to be the best, but his priority was making us better as men, as husbands, as fathers.”

Johnathan Lucroy is Coach Robe’s only player active on a major league roster, just one of many things a accredits to his late coach.

That’s the one thing I always value about him is preparing us for life and he did that with a number of players.

Not only his players, but everyone who heard his voice, including members of the media like myself.

During just about every interview you could look forward to life lesson you can use on and off the field.

“It’s never good or bad. It’s how you look at it.”

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