Former Lafayette police chief appeals his firing, “I can’t sit idly by and allow someone to abuse my rights, to misuse me”

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LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY) — The former Lafayette police chief says he still has work to do and wants to finish what he promised Lafayette: police reform.

This comes after Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory fired Thomas Glover earlier this month.

Former Police Chief Thomas Glover is now filing an appeal with the civil service board.

He says Guillory and his administration violated several protocols and procedures when they fired him without reason.

“I did not quit. They fired me for no reason at all,” Glover said.

He says not only that, but he was police chief for nine months, which gave him extra rights. He says those rights were violated when he was fired.

“Once I got to a point where I reached the six-month mark, and I moved on, I have certain rights that I wouldn’t have had prior to the six months. That’s the ability to appeal the process, in that I was not given ample time to actually perform what was necessary to be graded,” Glover said.

He says according to state law, the police chief should have been getting periodic evaluations.

“I didn’t actually have anyone in the administration, CAO Cydra Wingerter or Mayor Guillory, sit down and talk to me when I first got here and give me a list of standards and performance measures. I created some myself. There were 13 of them,” Glover added.

Glover says he completed ten of them and was on his way to completing all 13 by the end of the year.

He says that should have been used for his evaluation, but Guillory and Wingerter did not.

“Wingerter utilized interview notes to allegedly rate me, and that’s highly improper. You can’t rate a person unless you give them standards to rate on, so I never got those. I produced my own shortly after I got here, and that’s why I’m appealing the process,” Glover said.

Glover says another reason for his appeal is that he was making positive changes.

“I was there doing what I was hired to do, which was to reform the police department. I was well on my way,” he told News Ten.

He made changes to the use of force process and started having officer’s body camera footage reviewed.

He says Guillory’s administration did not like that, but he says Guillory told him he supported those changes.

“If there was something I did not do early in my tenure as chief of police, the law requires that you give me notice. There is no such thing as observing something in January, February, and March and April and May and June and July and August, then you tell me about it in September, and you haven’t given me notice. The law requires notice,” Glover said.

For these reasons, Glover says there are several due process violations here. That’s why he’s filing this appeal.

“I can’t sit idly by and allow someone to abuse my rights, to misuse me. I just can’t do that,” he said.

Glover says he hopes the civil service board will hear his appeal and rule in his favor.

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