Father-Son duo making history in the Melville Police Department

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Anthony Moreau is the current police chief of the town of Melville. He’s on his third term in the position.

His father, Jessie Moreau, was the former chief, serving a total of four and a half terms.

The younger Moreau decided to run for chief in 1999; that’s the same year his father was retiring after being head of the department for 18 years.

He says being police chief, just like his dad, is something he always hoped he’d get to do.

“Being the chief was my childhood dream. Since I was a small child, that was always my goal, to be chief. I wanted to follow his footsteps .”

And he says this is something his dad wanted for him too.

“I rode with him through my younger years in a patrol car. And I learned from him, picked up a lot from him. He mentored me and groomed me. He wanted me to do what I’m doing. He wanted me to follow in his footsteps.”

Footsteps which, Anthony says, come with big shoes to fill.

“Let me say this, I’ll never be the chief he was. That will be a bigger goal to follow. I’ll never be the chief he was.”

But he says he’s enjoying trying to fill them, nonetheless, especially if it means carrying on his father’s legacy now that his dad has passed away.

“He always told me to carry on my dream and do what I wanted to do, just be happy with what I do. And this is what I love doing. I love serving the people. And I’m hoping to stay chief as long as the people will have me.”

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