Family escapes as house collapses in Carencro


CARENCRO, La. (KLFY) – A family is unable to return to their home after it collapsed off its supports while they were inside.

“We could have got killed. I’m telling you had to be there in the house at the time to see for yourself. Nobody else is going to know how I feel,” said Audrey Mae Bossier.

She was inside her home watching TV with her 4-year-old granddaughter when her whole world began to shift and crumble.

“It went buhghghghgh. Just like that and everything went down,” she said describing the sound.

The three feet pillars protecting the place from a flooding disaster, now stand still, are toppled over, or piercing straight through the floor. Though the house is still standing, authorities say no one can go inside.

“The fire department said the least little thing, even if just shake it, the least little thing and it could all collapse,” Bossier’s oldest daughter, Audrey Ella Bossier, explained.

This leaves Audrey Mae Bossier without a home or any of her possessions. She said being able to see her clothes and not retrieve them is extremely tough.

Bossier’s home is uninsured and will have to be demolished.  She and her son are staying with family until they can rebuild. What’s stopping them is money, and they hope the community can find it in their heart to help.

“That would be amazing,” admitted Audrey Mae Bossier.

Audrey Ella Bossier said, “It’s life-changing. You just never know when things are going to happen.”

The family is working on a GoFundMe, so they can buy Bossier clothes and rebuild a home or purchase a mobile home for the location.

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