Evangeline Parish 911 explains false calls

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We have an Eye on Scams update to a story we reported about a Ville Platte resident who claimed he had first responders show up to his business from a 911 call.

James Bertrand contacted News Ten about what he thought was a 911 phone scam.

KLFY spoke to Liz Hill, the Director of Evangeline Parish 911, who says it wasn’t and may have been something electronic in his office that could’ve easily accidentally called 911.

Hill says, “We appreciate Mr. James Bertrand letting the public know that he thought it was a scam but in reality, something in his office could’ve very well called 911. If he has electronics such as a fax machine a modem even his regular landline phone could accidentally call 911.”

When 911 receives a call, emergency operators call back if there is no one on the line.

“When we get that call, if there’s nobody on the other end, we do call back to check and the dispatcher said yeah she did.. she called back to check. If there was no answer because I believe he was just getting into the office at that time, then yes we would send an officer out there to make sure that there is nothing going on,” Hill adds.

When 911 calls back, they do so from a local number.

“If you were to get a phone call on your cell phone and it displays 911, more than likely than yes that is a scam because our phone calls when we call back are 363 local numbers here in Evangeline Parish and Ville Platte,” says Hill.

Other scammers may ask you for money, but this 911 callback did not.

Hill explains, “I understand he believes it was a scam and he’s concerned about the elderly and we really appreciate that. That he is concerned about that. However, I don’t know if there was any talk about money being exchanged or anything like that.”

Evangeline Parish 911 will not ask you for personal questions.

When 911 is called, they know your location and name, but will not ask who is in the home and if you have money.

Hill adds if those questions were to come up, then that could be a scam.

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