Lafayette General Health and Ochsner Health System announce an intent to merge letter has been signed.

Executives from both Lafayette General and Ochsner Health spoke on what the merger will create.

David Wilson, chairman of Lafayette General Board of Trustees says Ochshner will invest $365 million in capital resources over the next ten years.

“I’m confident this merger will mean great things for this community,” Wilson said.

“The announcement is only the first step in the process and there are additional steps that are going to occur until we can hopefully finalize our merger in the Spring of 2020.”

The President of Lafayette General Health, David Callecod says all LGH employees will continue with the combined organizations.

“We will be raising minimum wage to match the minimum wage across Ochsner’s Health system to $12 per hour upon completion of the merger.”

Callecod says the nearly $2 increase an hour will impact 800 employees in Lafayette General.

Lafayette General is to keep its name and co-brand with ochsner after the merger is completed. “When we look at this Lafayette General has one of the most recognizable names in the southwest part of the state; so there’s a commitment to keep Lafayette General’s name,” Callecod added.

Meanwhile, Ochsner Health has a top ranking reputation that reaches to the national level.

The president and CEO of Ochsner Health System, Warner Thomas explains the types of superior programs. “At Ochsner for example we have the eleventh largest transplant program in the nation. We have the largest liver transplant program in the nation.”

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