Duson Police Department enhances proactive patrols; ask residents to be vigilant

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The Duson Police Department is asking residents to be vigilant and to help reduce crime by taking certain precautions. 

A Facebook post states that over the past week,  the police department has had an increase in criminal activity.  

“We have had several crimes over the past week and we are working extremely hard to be proactive but we do have several investigations we are conducting at this time, which takes away from proactive patrols,” the post states.

“An investigation can take days,” said Duson Police Chief Kip Judice. 

In the past week, the Duson Police Department have investigated drug busts, a case where a Maryland woman had her purse and $4,500 dollars stolen by leaving it hanging in a convenience store bathroom and a stolen vehicle discovered by Crowley police with evidence left behind. 

“Some unique identifiers are the green foot pegs on the back of the bike. There is a silver lock on the bicycle also a pair of ice grips on the handlebar,” said Judice as the department searches for a suspect. 

He mentioned how many people can protect themselves from these types of crimes. “Had the keys been removed from the vehicle or the car locked.. the vehicle would’ve never been stolen,” he added. 

The department is working on crime prevention with their enhanced proactive patrols. When traveling in Duson, there is several hidden locations where automatic license plate recognition can screenshot a plate and identify exactly who comes in and out of the city. It’s all listed in a system which recognizes the make model and time a vehicle was last seen. 

“It reads the license plate number and converts it into a word document,” said Judice. Technology like readers and drones are helping them solve cases quicker. 

“Without having to put police cars in the area, we put the drone over it, grab some video and move in where we know the offenders may be,’ Judice added. 

Nightvision technology has also played a role in their crime solving. “We can see that, that vehicle hasn’t been parked there for a long period of time. potentially, a getaway car or a vehicle used in a crime.”

He says the use of these items are helping them build a database. “We’re able to establish a pattern to put together a case for the district attorney’s office that’ll be prosecutable.”

The proactive patrols have stepped up over the past year. Meanwhile, the department says residents can protect themselves from becoming a victim by taking precautions. 

Anyone with information on the latest crimes is asked to call CrimeStoppers at 232-TIPS. 

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