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Donation drive in Youngsville collects supplies for Texas flood victims

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Tropical Storm Imelda left hundreds of people with nothing, as flood waters swept through dozens of homes. Residents across Acadiana are now trying to help Texans get back on their feet with a Texas Flood Drive.

“It just feels good. It’s contagious. I think it’s a natural high to give back,” Craig Spadoni, owner of Bead Busters and Float Rentals, said.

Spadoni’s company is teaming up with the Cajun Navy and Triton Relief Group to bring supplies to those recovering from the floods in Texas.

They are asking people to donate water, non-perishable food items, sports drinks, cleaning supplies, diapers, baby food, toiletries, tools, and anything those struggling to survive in Texas may need.

“[Texas] was tremendous in helping us out during the 2016 flood. All over the country people were donating stuff, but Texas had been a really huge partner,” Spadoni said.

Eric Boe donated 78 cases of water Sunday afternoon.

“People need help. People need water. Water is our life.” Boe said.

Local companies and people from across Acadiana are volunteering their vehicles and time to help.

“We have several trucking companies that work with us that donate their time driving the trucks,” Spadoni said.

After loading up the vehicles, volunteers will drive the supplies to churches, fire and police departments and city halls in Texas. Spadoni invites everyone to join the effort.

“If you’re donating a case of water or a mop and a bucket, you’re just as important as the guy coming with an 18-wheeler.”

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