(KLFY) — The companies in charge of the Noble Globetrotter II, an oil drillship that’s stuck in the Gulf of Mexico after Hurricane Ida hit, have released statements in response to the concern about the ship and its crew.

Noble Corporation, the company that owns the vessel, released the following statement:

The Noble Globetrotter II drillship successfully secured its well in progress and departed the well location early on August 28th to take evasive action from Hurricane Ida’s storm path. These actions were based on real-time forecasts in the days leading up to the storm.  It is standard industry practice for self-propelled vessels to take evasive action in advance of a hurricane. 

The vessel encountered hurricane-force conditions during this transit but maintained stability throughout the weather event.  The vessel continues to operate on its own power with functional marine and safety systems. The Company is in the process of completing a full assessment of its condition.  The vessel’s heli-deck is fully operational, and helicopter transportation will resume as charter service from hurricane-effected areas allows.

The Company is proud of the performance of the vessel’s crew and can confirm that all personnel on board are safe and accounted for, however, four individuals with injuries requiring first aid were evacuated for further medical evaluation as a precautionary measure.  We will continue to work closely with personnel and their families to provide all necessary support as we all recover from the aftermath of Hurricane Ida

Craig Muirhead, Vice President – Investor Relations and Treasurer (Noble Corporation)

Shell Oil, who Noble Corporation and the Globetrotter II are under contract with, said that they are working to establish a temporary crew change heliport “in the days ahead” as the primary crew change heliport in Houma sustained significant damage.

Shell confirmed that four crew members who suffered minor injuries were evacuated on Tuesday for medical evaluations.