Car burglary spree in Breaux Bridge; victims warn others

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BREAUX BRIDGE, LA — Police are warning citizens to lock their cars because thieves are roaming the city at night.

According to Chief Rollie Cantu, in the past couple weeks there have been 15 to 20 car burglaries reported, three cars stolen, and possibly other instances unreported.

“You just feel so what? ” Norma Byrd asked her husband. “Violated,” Mickey Byrd replied. They’re just two of many victims of car burglaries that have been happening in Breaux Bridge recently.

Two weeks ago, Mickey and Norma woke up with one of their treasures stolen. A project truck that took years to rebuild was gone in an instant.

“I went out and the little truck wasn’t there,” Mickey remembered. “I looked up as it might have run away.”

But the lovingly named Madame Marie didn’t run away. It was taken because the doors were unlocked and the keys were left inside.

“I may as well have left a sign out front saying please steal my little truck,” Mickey remarked.

Their truck was gone for 12 days. The Byrd’s scrutinized every white truck they passed wondering if their’s was nearby.

“I had written it off,” Mickey admitted. “I thought if I ever did see it, it would be a burn out hulk up on blocks with the tires and wheels and battery gone.”

According to Police Chief Rollie Cantu, a thief or thieves are roaming the backroads and neighborhoods between midnight and 3:00 A.M. checking every car for an unlocked door, grabbing, cash, medicine, guns, and anything they can turn for cash.

“We haven’t had nothing, gosh, in months, and all of the sudden for the last two weeks we’ve had probably 15-20 cars,” Cantu stated. “People are now starting to get tired of it.”

According to the chief, the thieves aren’t breaking any windows, so they don’t set off any alarms. Cantu said his force is increasing patrols in response which has solved the problem in the past.

“It’s slowing starting,” he said. “It’s obvious the person or persons that doing are doing it is hitting the same areas, the same neighborhoods, so we’re figuring they don’t live too far away.”

No arrest for who is behind the burglaries have been made as of January 19, according to Cantu. Both him and victims are encouraging the neighborhood to be extra vigilant.

“Please lock your cars. If you don’t want to lock your cars, take anything of value out of your car,” urged Cantu.

Norma Byrd agrees. “That’s what we all know to do,” she said, “But sometimes we forget, and we need not to forget.”

If you do encounter these criminals, do not engage them. Chief Cantu said they likely will have guns on them. Instead, call Breaux Bridge Police at 337-332-2186.

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